Omega Agricultural Loader O-11



A multipurpose rugged and powerful machine which can be quickly attached/ detached to the front of OMEGA Tractors foe handling/ loading stone/ brick crush, garbage, sand, grains, wood logs etc. in to a truck or trailer.


Tractor Compatibility Fro MF 375/ 385 For MF 240/ 260
Bucket Type Closed earth Bucket with digging teeth
Bucker Volume 1 Cubic meter 0.5 Cu. meter
Lifting time 3-6 seconds
Max. Lift capacity 1000 Kg 750 Kg
Operation Hydraulic Hydraulic
Lift Height at Pivot Point (10’-6”) 3 meter (9’-6”) 2.9 m
Lift Ram 2, double acting
Bucket Ram Single, double acting