Farmwell, a Sri Lankan Tractor

During the year 2003 we began assembling 47H/P Tractors in Sri Lanka under the name of FARMWELL. This is the 1st Tractor assembling plant in Sri Lanka. We assemble around 8 – 12 Tractors per month. However, we find that this quantity is inadequate to cater to the local market. We also wish to mention that we have established ourselves for Tractors because the name Farmwell is well known in Sri Lanka. We expect to expand the capacity. We have already assembled and sold 100 Tractors.

Tractor assembling – “farmwell – 247”

The following standardes are base on the “farmwell- 247” tractor assembling

1 Engine

A) Checking on engine startability, oil pressure,water trempreature, speed setting, vibration, smoke level, full injection system and stop con trol,

B) Inspect engine for oil, fuel and water likages.

C) General engine condition eg. crankcase blowby, breather pipe, water in the oil, ect.

D) Strip and inspection.

  • Inspect engine core parts, eg.piston/rings/liners/bearing/oilpump/balancer seals and gaskets.
  • Inspection/measurment of crank shaft journals.
  • Inspection of other major assemblies, ie, water pump/fuel lift pump/cylinder block/head/core
  • Plugs/valves/rocker gear.
  • Camshaft and timing gear.
  • Check fuel injection equipment-performance of dpa pump,injectors and pipes

E) Air cleaner

  • Check all hoses and clips.
  • Check air cleaner body.
  • Check dry air cleaner elements.
  • Check pre – cleaner

F) Throttle controls.

  • Check all thottle linkages, joints, pivots and pins.
  • Check fricition washers on hand throttle lever.

G) Exhaust system.

  • Check silencer
  • Checkexhaust pipe clamp, rain cap, elbow and flance gasket.

Check turbocharger installation


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